Moncalieri, on the social death threats to the mayor for not having closed schools


He decided to keep schools open on Monday and was covered with insults on social media. Then he took 24 hours, chose not to report the boys who wished him death but published the threat posts left on his Facebook page. The protagonist is Paolo Montagna Mayor of Moncalieri, on the outskirts of Turin, one of the municipalities involved in the heavy rains of the weekend and already a protagonist in the past, of floods and floods, the last time three years ago. On Sunday at 6.30 pm, when the incessant rains of the previous days started to decrease, the mayor warned through his social page that the next day the schools would be opened, as for other things also in Turin. But a decision that triggered social insults and hatred. From those who called him "head of the Camorra" to those who wished his and his mother's death. Phrases stigmatized also by other social users who, perhaps not sharing the decision of the first citizen, have however distanced themselves from the injurious positions."Once the emergency is over, I want to take the space to respond to the guys on social media who have commented on my choice to keep schools open," writes Montagna. "A few years ago, like you, I was 16, 17, 18 years old. And while I was doing so much bullshit, I was lucky enough to meet someone who, while also struggling, instilled in me the doubt that it could be done in another way. It is a doubt that I wish you to listen, always. For this reason, to those who advised me to report those who wrote these comments, I explained that this is not my task. I explained that children need models and examples, not behavioral lessons ". The mayor then invites the boys to the comparison: "as mayor I make choices every day and I try to make the choices that I think are right, not on the basis of the consensus they can produce, but are based on what I consider the interest of Moncalieri and of the moncalierese ”.

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