mom and her two girls run over at the bus stop, the woman is serious


Serious traffic accident in Rome. Five people, including a woman and her two 9 and 7 year old girls were injured after being run over by a car while waiting for the bus at the bus stop in Via Oderisi Da Gubbio, in the Portuense area. On the spot, ambulances of the 118, the fire brigade and also patrols of the local Roma Capitale police intervened. Rescuers provided first aid to the five injured people who were later taken to hospital. The most serious conditions are those of the mother, who was rescued and transported in red code to the San Camillo hospital and is in critical condition: the woman suffered a hemorrhagic shock and underwent emergency surgery. Less worrying, but still serious, are the health conditions of the two girls who were rescued and transported to the Bambin Gesu hospital in yellow code and kept under observation. Two other women were transported from 118 respectively in the yellow code to the San Giovanni hospital and in the green code to the Fatebenefratelli: even their conditions do not cause particular concern.

The dynamics of the accident are being examined by the local police

The dynamics of the accident, which took place just before lunch time around midday, were also examined by the agents of the 11th Marconi group of the local Roma Capitale police. It was caused by a 79-year-old woman driving a car: the motorist would lose control and his vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, ended up on the innocent pedestrians who were waiting at the bus stop at height of number 113 of via Oderisi da Gubbio. It is not known at the time why the elderly driver, leaving the accident unscathed, has lost control of the car, whether due to illness or distraction.

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