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The objectives with the new Movi brand: ebikes, scooters and electric scooters

by Pierangelo Soldavini

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European bike sharing speaks Italian. Idri Bk, a company with headquarters in Milan that today manages the fleet of Mobike in several Italian cities, has announced that it has revealed the European activities of Mobike, the operator of bike sharing Chinese who had long since leaked the intention to want to return to focus on the Chinese market.
The transaction concerns the activities of Mobike in Southern Europe, 30 thousand bicycles, over 1.5 million registered users distributed in eighteen European cities with well over ten million kilometers traveled each year that have saved tons of CO2 emissions in the environment .

The Chinese return to China

After the abandonment of Ofo, the sale of the activities of Mobike closes the adventure of the two Chinese giants that had brought to Europe the free floating bike sharing model, without fixed stalls, and at low cost for the users.
The Mobike brand will be replaced by the new one Movi, with a choice of image that demonstrates "the company's desire to emphasize the European nature of the new operator who will be much more flexible and closer to the needs of Western users", says a company note.

Integrated electric mobility

Movi will decisively focus on electric mobility: two ebike models will be added to the ebike already present on the European market, to which will be added three versions of scooters and electric scooters with two and three wheels, an electric vehicle covered to guarantee the use also in the colder months and an electric vehicle for home deliveries. The new Movi fleet has been developed in the last 18 months and will be flexible so that you can customize the mobility service according to the cities and people's needs.
Movi aims to become one of the world's leading players in sharing mobility, a market estimated to grow in the long term at 400 billion in turnover, accelerating the expansion of activities from Europe, EMEA and South-East Asia. Growth will focus on the big cities, but in Italy Movi will continue to protect the territory in a capillary way, offering the service even in smaller cities.
"With the birth of Movi," he says Alessandro Felici, ad of Evlonet, which operates Mobike in Italy – the strategy of increasing our fleet with highly technological means and expanding beyond borders will have multiple objectives: to encourage sustainable micro mobility in cities by reducing CO2 emissions, increasing the use of technology with innovative transport solutions and consequently to accelerate the evolution towards a model of circular economy ".

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