Mls woos Balotelli: "Come and play with us"


BRESCIA – At the shoals with Brescia, Mario Balotelli started listening to the sirens coming from other shores. While his attorney, Mino Raiola, initiated contacts with Galatasaray, Major League Soccer, through its official website, invited him to go play in the USA: "If you are listening or watching – he writes – Mario, make it happen in January. Here are some suggestions for possible destinations: Inter Miami or the Los Angeles Galaxy are captivating choices, or the Toronto or Montreal where Thierry Henry is expecting ".

Balotelli tries to recover for the derby, Cellino risks referral

Waiting to decide their own future, Balotelli is continuing the physiotherapeutic treatment to recover from the small calf problem. His presence in the derby on Saturday with Atalanta remains in doubt. The waters in the biancazzurra home continue to be agitated also because of the last gaffe committed by the president Massimo Cellino that Monday said: "Mario is black, he is working to clear …". A phrase that ended up under the magnifying glass of the federal prosecutor who is evaluating whether there are any details for the referral for the employer of the Lombards.

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