Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon Concept prototype


There Super Height K-Wagon Concept is a next-generation car destined for long distances. The style is recognizable, which relies on the Dynamic Shield design concept of MMC, especially in the front part where there is a bar covered in steel perpendicular to the horizontal-theme grille. The side profile exhibits power, thanks to a silhouette of the passenger compartment that uses the long wheelbase and sculpted lines. The body color combines two shades of olive and white with the silver color of the roof bars. The circles integrate the same colors generating a homogeneous appearance.

On board the spaces are spacious and comfortable and characterized by brown as the dominant theme, with touches of orange in combination. The equipment includes the e-Assist preventive safety technology package, which includes MI-PILOT assistance for maintaining the lane on the highway and a braking system that mitigates damage due to collisions.

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