Mitchell Watt! The Reyer Venice exceeds Sassari on the siren


Mitchell Watt! The triumph of the defense, the triumph of Reyer Venezia, who in Taliercio avenges the Supercoppa knockout and revives with Sassari the glories of the last scudetto, a decisive basket on the siren of. 55-54 the final in the luxury postponement of the eighth day, with Dinamo saluting the second place by giving it to Brindisi alone.

The center invents the basket of victory with a 2 ′ shed from the siren


13-18 at the end of a first quarter in which Sassari takes command of the operations after the triple opening of Mazzola (at the debut). Bilan dominates in the painting, Spissu square two triples, 7-15 of maximum advantage then De Raffele fish Vidmar: 4 points.


Race overturned after the entry of Vidmar, which raises the physicality as demonstrated by the 10 offensive rebounds of the Italian champions. 20-8 the partial of the second quarter, Venice passing with Bramos to 2.55 (25-24) and closing on 33-26 the first time. 7 of Vidmar, 9 of Chappell for the hosts. Sassari is 5/16 from 2 and 3/10 from 3, 8 from Bilan and also weighs 7/14 to the free (2/2 for Venice).


Race of great content, but technically poor, especially in attack. Nervousness wins, with Spissu immediately signing a triple followed by a technical foul, and only Watts (crushed in the face of Bilan at 4.34) and the Croatian himself (passing behind the head for Evans) to throw lightning. 44-41 at the end of the third quarter, Venice badly from 3 (3/20) Sassari badly to the whole shot, and with 1 point from Pierre, 0 from McLean and Jerrells, 4 from Vitali.


Attacks that remain cold, with McLean signing four points at the start, Daye finding the first basket from the field after twelve attempts, and the triple triples from Filloy and Jerrells. 51-48 when entering the last 5 ’, and finally the remake of the last two national finals seems to wake up with the blow and response between Bramos and Bilan in attack. The number 55 was woken up, and at 45 minutes he invented a 360 ° in the area which is worth overtaking on 53-54 (2/8 to the shooting for him). Final excited, two-handed contest and ball in Venice. Pozzecco calls timeout a second time, but Mitchell Watt hits with a crazy hook.

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