Mirabelli: 'Poor inheritance? But if this team is receding! Raiola took nearly 100 million commissions from the old Milan '| A league


Massimiliano Mirabelli, former Milan sports director, spoke at Tele Lombardia, explaining: "Bonucci was a great protagonist. After his expulsion in Milan-Genoa, I told him that he had to set an example, gave him an exaggerated fine of € 100,000. I told him that he had to accept it as captain to give the example to all ".ON RONALDO – "Sarri's gesture was heroic, he took a player who made more than Milan all by himself."

ON THE LITTLE LEGACY – "You would be right if Milan were first, but nobody plays for my parents and the team is backing up … As long as we were there, we arrived easily in the Europa League, playing an Italian Cup final. I am worried about Milan's future ".

ON THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PROPERTY – "He wasn't there. The first time he was in Greece, when we had to change coach. They told me I could also take Tuchel, but I only had Gattuso in my head."

ON DONNARUMMA – "He is among the strongest goalkeepers. If you want to keep him, I don't see any difficulty in having him sign for another three years. I succeeded as an idiot, why can't the champions who are there at Milan? The difficulty? Raiola, before I arrived, he took over 100 million from Milan, I saw the cards ".

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