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Increase in pensions 2020 table of minimum pensions increases, civil disability, social allowance: news for our pensioners, in fact thanks to the unblocking of the ISTAT revaluation, of the automatic equalization and of citizenship pension, the pension amounts 2020 increase.

Specifically i increases will concern the minimum pensions, i social checks and the disability pensions, le pensions of reversibility.

We then go on to explain why theincrease in pensions, to whom it belongs, for what pensions and how much theincrease in disability pension, social allowance and minimum pensions with a mini ISTAT revaluation (maybe 0.6%) and the citizenship pension.

Increase in pensions 2020: why?

Why the pensions increase in 2020?

The 2020 pension increase, regardless of citizenship pension, there is thanks to the mechanism of annual revaluation applied to pensions.

Soon the publication in GU of the new Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance will tell us the value of the temporary percentage change that must be used to calculate how much the increase will be equalization of pensions for the year 2019, starting from 1 January 2020.

This value, however, should be around at + 0.6%.

This explains why in 2020, i pension amounts increase regardless ofincrease in citizenship pension, except for those blocked by the Budget Law 2020, for more information read: 2020 pension revaluation.

2020 pension increase with citizenship pension:

In addition to the 2020 pension increases derived from the ISTAT revaluation there are also those due with the citizenship pension reconfirmed by the 2020 Budget Law.

This benefit leads to the holders of disability pensions, social allowances and minimum pensions the possibility of benefiting from an income supplement if they fall within the requirements prescribed by law.

THE'increase of the 2020 pension with the citizenship pension is therefore linked to the ISEE in fact among the requirements a family income limit of 7560 euros is required if one has a house of ownership that increases to € 9,360 in the case of rent and especially be at least 67 years old, except for those who have a serious disability in the family unit, for more information read: Citizenship pensions to those who are entitled to increase to 780 euros.

In this regard, it should be noted that thanks to the approval of an amendment to the decree, it is now envisaged that the citizenship pension will also fall to the under-67 in the event that they live with one or more people in a condition of severe disability or non self-sufficiency.

Pension increase in 2020: ISTAT revaluation and block in the Budget Law

What are the ISTAT revaluation rates applied to 2020 pensions?

The revaluation rates to be applied are as follows:

As a result of the new 2020 Budget Law, pension allowances will increase and the increase will be staggered into 6 distinct rates:

  • 100% for incomes up to 4 times the minimum amount (equal to 513 euros), that is for those who arrive to take a check for 2.052 euros.

  • at 77% for treatments up to 5 times the minimum treatment;

  • 52% up to 6 times;

  • 47% up to 8 times;

  • 45% up to 9 times;

  • 40% for treatments over 9 times.

Then starting from 2022 the brackets will become 3: 100% revaluation up to 2.029 euros, 90% between 2.029 and 2.538 euros, 75% above that figure.

The ISTAT revaluation rates on pensions therefore involve a greater increase for lower pensions, social allowance, civil disability pension and minimum pensions.

Pension increase, 2020 social allowance increase: new amount

The 2020 social allowance increase in amount, if last year the eligible beneficiaries, received a social allowance to the full extent of 460.28 euros euro, from 1 January 2020 the amount increases because on these types of social benefits, you are entitled to full re-evaluation.

The amount of the 2020 social allowance from 457.99 to 460.28 euros.

THE'increase in the social allowance per year (for 13 monthly payments) it is therefore equal at 2.29 euros per month in 2020., + the possible integration up to 780 euros with the citizenship pension for the over 67 and Isee income up to 9,360 euros.

Increase in new pension amounts for 2020

Increase in pensions 2020 here are the new amounts:

The increase in 2020 pensions should be 0.6%, as we have already said, it is full up to those up to 4 times higher than the minimum treatment while it is gradually reduced until it reaches its zero for those over 6 times the minimum pension.

Let's go see now how much do pensions increase in 2019?

  • Pensions up to 1,000 euros: increase is 6 euros per month, for which 78 euros per year including the thirteenth month;

Increase in civil disability pensions 2020:

Although in 2020, the pensions increase very little, it should not be forgotten that the revaluation mechanism introduced by Law 147/2013 and extended by Law 208/2015 remains in effect until December 31, 2018, which has effectively reduced the indexation to the cost of living for medium to high pensions but not for the low ones.

In 220, therefore, as we saw in the previous paragraph, the Istat revaluation and consequently the pension increase to 0.6% if confirmed, is only for those with amounts up to 4 times the minimum treatment while it will be reduced proportionally, up to to zero, for pensions over 6 times the minimum.

Among the 2020 pensions that will increase the most, because the full rate applies to 0.6% is the civil disability pension.

THE'increase in civil disability pensions 2020 will be of the following amount:

Increase in disability pensions 2020287.3 euros in 2020 + integration up to 780 euros with the citizenship pension

Do you want to know when there will be pension payments?

Increasing minimum pensions 2020:

How much does the minimum pension increase in 2020? The increase in the minimum 2020 treatment that we remember is the minimum amount to which the pension must be adequate, in the event that certain income thresholds are not exceeded, it is 0.6% if confirmed:

Increasing minimum pensions 2020from 513 euros in 2019

to 516 euros from 2019 +

integration up to 780 euros with the citizenship pension

THE'increase in minimum pensions, determines not only the economic increase in terms of money but also a lower reduction for those who hold partially cumulative pensions with other types of income, for example the survivor's pension which is reduced by 25% if there are incomes above 3 times the minimum treatment, 40% if it is 4 times higher and 50% if 5 times higher.

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