Milan, Zalatan Ibrahimovic is not a hoax: Piatek ready to give him the job (and the team)


Zlatan Ibrahimovic could return to Milan again. He writes it the day, on newsstands November 9th. The statements of Don Garber, Commissioner of the MLS, the American league in which the Swede has played in the last two seasons with the Los Angeles Galaxy: "Zlatan is being recruited by AC Milan ", initially translated as "Zlatan was hired by Milan" and then corrected in "was searched by Milan", writes Luca Talotta.

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The Rossoneri club denies any contact, but with him in the field would also change the way the Pioli team plays. The suspect number one a packing up is Piatek. The gunslinger, according to press rumors, could return to Genoa. In the background the Bologna remains active, which does not hide and dreams of the accomplice-effect blow from the presence of Mihajlovic, Mancini's assistant coach at the time of Inter and Ibra's great friend. And the attacker, flattered by the call of the Serbian coach, reflects.

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