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Juve-Milan 1-0Donnarumma 6.5:

avoid a more important liability with a miracle at the conclusion of Dybala in the recovery minutes. Accounts 6.5: always with the right times in the opposition to Ronaldo, he grants little and nothing to some. With desire and personality also in accompanying the offensive action, he puts in a couple of interested crosses.

Duarte 6: one step ahead of the colorless test offered against Lazio. It looks good in the face of Higuain and Bernaredeschi.

Romagnoli 5: performance with two faces: perfect until the goal by Dybala, when it stands still like a statue on the Argentinian movement. An error that costs a point deserved until then.

Hernandez 6: a couple of amnesia in the defensive phase, a pleasure for the eyes when it has to force Cuadrado on the defensive.

Krunic 6: is confirmed in the role of right-sided midfielder and takes advantage of the occasion, running for the permanent role of this Milan player. In the first part of the race he is lucid and continuous, he never loses a ball and plays with personality. Positive (from 15 'st Bonaventura 5: badly enters the game and misses an easy ball that could send Leao to beat undisturbed network)

Bennacer 6.5: fthe best performance since the Rossoneri's appearance: he won several duels, 'cleaned' many balls and tried to shake up the last few minutes. Great Algerian game.

Paqueta 6: lasts a time, the first, where he distributes balls with wisdom: the lighting with which he sends Piatek in the 40th goal is a great player. A great header is also close to scoring. Physically pay the lot of work done even in the coverage phase. (from 40 'st Rebic)

Suso 5: Alex Sandro marks it well and leaves him little space, but the Spaniard cannot combine anything productive. Mediocre.

Piatek 5: his moment is all depicted on the occasion, macroscopic, which happens to him in the 17th: Suso needs a chocolate only to be discarded, he is all alone in the area becomes enticed and head sends to the side of a meter. Few movements dictate the passage, it does not seem to have that strength on the legs which is fundamental for an attacker with his characteristics. It is a case. (from 20 'st Leao 6: it is not a real first tip, it must work to become more incisive. But a couple of his plays create some headaches for the defense of Juventus)

Calhanoglu 6: he sacrifices himself, runs like crazy and tries to distance himself with a couple of conclusions.

Pegs 6: a good Milan the one fielded by the Emilian coach who makes little mistake, or the entry into the field of Bonaventura.

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