Milan, the Garden of the Righteous soiled. Senator Liliana Segre had inaugurated it a month ago


The senator for life Liliana Segre he had inaugurated it just a month ago and now i vandals they have targeted it: they have smeared the amphitheater's lighting with red paint Giardino dei Giusti to Milan and written on the signage "Via le ruspe from Monte Stella". The president of City Hall 8 was denounced on Saturday morning. Simone Zambelli, announcing a exposed against unknown persons also on its social pages: “Beauty was ruined by someone, rather than by night, with signs on vertical signs. But even more serious the same hand has disfigured the lights of the Auditorium of the Giardino dei Giusti just inaugurated by our beloved Senator Liliana Segre. As City Hall 8 we will make a complaint against unknown persons ".

It is not the first time that similar texts appear in the area, given that the extension of the Garden, a symbolic place in the city created to celebrate the men and women who fought in defense of human rights and against genocides and totalitarianisms, has long been disputed by a part of the citizens of the neighborhood. For Gabriele Nassim, the president of Gariwo, the association that manages it, “it is no coincidence that this provocation took place the day after the decision of the Prefect to entrust one buffer stock to the senator ", at the hands of" those trying to create a climate of hatred in the country ". Not only that: the association has also specified that the Ulianova Radice amphitheater is dedicated to the director of Gariwo "who died prematurely last year".

The reaction of also lasts Pierfrancesco Maran, Councilor for Urban Planning, Green and Agriculture of the Municipality of Milan. "Fascism is our enemy, it fights us and we fight it – claimed the councilor -. Now all we have to do is get back to work and fix things so that everything is in place when next week we will visit the Garden with the wife of the politician persecuted under the communist regime, of the then Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel ”.


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