Milan, the former governor of Lombardy Maroni sentenced to one year on appeal


Conviction confirmed at one year for Roberto Maroni. The Milan Court of Appeal confirmed the sentence issued on appeal for the former governor of Lombardy Roberto Maroni. The trial is about the alleged pressures to favor, when Maroni was leading the Pirellone, two of his former collaborators who worked when he was Minister of the Interior. The former president of Lombardy, who is among the 4 defendants, was sentenced to 1 year (suspended sentence) in the first instance and only for one of the two charges in question, the disturbed freedom in the choice of contractor procedure.

For Maroni, the deputy head Vincenzo Vincenzo Calia had asked to take the sentence from one year to two and a half years in prison, considering it also responsible for the crime of undue induction, for which, instead, he had been acquitted at first instance. Accusation concerning the attempt to insert, at the expense of Expo, Maria Grazia Paturzo in the delegation that, as part of the World Expo Tour, between May 30 and June 2, 2014, had as its goal Tokyo. And he asked to redevelop the crime of disturbed freedom in the procedure of choosing the contractor in disturbed freedom of the charms for an office in Eupolis, body of the region, for the other former collaborator Mara Carluccio.

The penalty proposed in the last hearing for both the former Lombard president and the then head of his secretariat Giacomo Ciriello (2 years and 2 months in prison) is identical to that advanced at the time by the deputy prosecutor Eugenio Fusco during the trial before the Court. For both, however, the sentence had canceled an indictment and sentenced them to one year, suspended sentence, and a fine of 450 euros. Decision confirmed also in the second instance. "All of Maroni's entourage was aware of the need to find a place for the two girls," the deputy attorney general specified in the conclusions. Maroni, with statements at the last hearing, explained: “In my long political and institutional activity I have never claimed or imposed anything on anyone. In this case I never claimed or imposed to hire Carluccio. I have never asked anyone to violate a law, even a secondary one, on my behalf. Never! Let alone a criminal law ”.


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