Milan, security guard stabs a colleague near the Duomo: "It was just a game"


Police investigations have scaled back the episode of stabbing. According to the investigators it was not an aggression following a dispute – as reported at first – but of an injury during "a game" between the two security guards on duty at the Duomo.

For this reason the 30-year-old vigilante initially blocked was reported in a state of liberty for aggravated injuries. The 24-year-old wounded, whose conditions improved, confirmed the version of his colleague who spoke of an involuntary gesture, thus lightening his position. The two were on duty at the Duomo, at 6.50 pm they were in a small room at number 18 in Piazza Duomo, which was made available as a dressing room to allow workers to have a space for shift change. The "game" they referred to has not yet been precisely defined by the police.

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