Milan, raped in a nightclub by two cousins, the investigating judge: maybe drug in the girl's glass


The two cousins ​​arrested two days ago on charges of a group sexual assault against a girl, which took place in August 2018 after an evening spent in a disco of the Idroscalo in Segrate, would have taken advantage of the young woman's condition of psychic inferiority. (Milan). The cousins ​​would have benefited from the fact that the girl had taken alcohol and "perhaps even unknowingly narcotics, placed in the glass from which she was drinking from one of the three boys". The abuses were also filmed by a minor, a friend of the two young people.

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The magistrate of Milan writes this Anna Magelli in the supervision order carried out in the department's investigation led by deputy prosecutor Letizia Mannella. Meanwhile, one of the two arrested, Francesco Ferrara, 26, bartender in Caserta, detained in the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and assisted by the lawyer Nello Sgambato, he defended himself by talking about consenting relations between him and the girl and also saying that he did not pour anything into the cocktail.

The other alleged attacker Antonio Massaro, 32 years – as stated in the ordinance that gives an account of the reliability of the complaint and of the girl's version and of the reports on the violence – has precedents for mafia association and is "also subjected to the protection program of the Ministry of the Interior".

"Make her quiet, if they hear us it's a mess." It is one of the phrases that Antonio Massaro would have pronounced, one of the two young men arrested two days ago for a group sexual assault after an evening in a disco at the Idroscalo in Segrate (Milan), as emerges from the story of the violence suffered by the victim, reported in the order of custody in prison, which does not, however, concern a minor who would have filmed the abuses.

The girl said that, the magistrate writes, "when he had asked the three boys to stop (the violence would have taken place in the house of Massaro and in the car on the night between 4 and 5 August 2018, ed)", another boy, 17 years old at the time, and Massaro "turning to Francesco" Ferrara, also now in prison, had told him "shut her up".

The minor, writes the investigating judge, "during the acts of sexual violence, he also took some photographs" with a mobile phone. The young woman then put on record that "while drinking a cocktail" in the disco 'Papaya "she was approached" by the 17-year-old who, "after taking the glass from her hands and taking a sip, turned around, giving her shoulders "and immediately afterwards" he turned back to her, giving her the glass back ". From that moment, he said, "I didn't understand anything anymore."

Hence the possibility that drugs have been placed in the glass. In the investigations, in addition to the medical tests carried out by the Mangiagalli clinic, there were also the statements of two friends of the girl (who denounced what happened a few hours later "in tears") who were with her in the disco that night. The arrest of the two was also achieved through the analysis of phone records and photographic awards, also using the images of Facebook profiles.

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