Milan, Pioli try 3-4-2-1: Rodriguez and Conti titolari


News Milan: Stefano Pioli goes towards a change of form for Juventus-Milan on Sunday evening. Here is the 3-4-2-1 tried today in training.

Ricardo Rodriguez returns to the title
Ricardo Rodriguez (© Getty Images)

The Milan goes to a module change. An idea already anticipated and widely analyzed during yesterday. Today also reported by Sky Sport 24.

Stefano Pioli he tried the 3-4-2-1 which could field Sunday night in Juventus-Milan. Following the probable formation of the Rossoneri with the new form tested today at Milanello by coach Pioli:

  • Form 3-4-2-1: Donnarumma; Duarte, Romagnoli, Rodriguez; Conti, Bennacer, Paqueta (Krunic), Hernandez; Suso, Piatek, Calhanoglu.

In defense, as mentioned, it is played in three. Alessio Romagnoli it is the only one who at the moment gives more guarantees, so his presence is undoubted. He would play in the center. On his right Leo Duarte, given the unavailability of Musacchio and the non-physical guarantees of Mattia Caldara.

And on his left could be an old acquaintance of the Rossoneri, who has been relegated to the bench for several weeks: Ricardo Rodriguez. The Swiss last season showed he could be at the height of playing from the middle third of the left, but the three-man defense experiment was soon shelved by Gattuso. Now he could find more space. The tactical concepts possess them, and maybe they could take their revenge.

Pioli 3-4-2-1: ready for Juventus-Milan

Pioli's exteriors are basically three, with two places available. Davide Calabria is Andrea Conti the place on the right would be played, with Conti more advantaged given that in that role it was devastating with Atalanta also scoring several goals. But be careful with Fabio Borini, in case the two aforementioned make bad (to say the least) as happened recently.

To the left Theo Hernandez, obviously. Released almost completely from defensive tasks, covered by Rodriguez behind his back. The two midfielders in front of the defense should be Ismael Bennacer and Rade Krunic, although it was tried before the Bosnian today Lucas Paqueta. Kessie back in the hierarchies at the moment.

To lose the place, from the beginning, it could be Paqueta. The Brazilian, however, is among the players with the highest quality of the squad, but the fact remains that he can make the difference as a successor, indeed. Piatek and Leao the center forward will be played, with the Polish ahead by Sunday.

Hakan Calhanoglu on the left, even if as said, the Turk will divide on the whole front to leave free space to Hernandez. On the right is Jesus Suso, who has recovered from the injury.

Pioli's courageous choice

A change of form that – we were saying – could be tried already on Sunday evening against the Juventus away. A game in which Milan will have to try to go out without broken bones, and maybe try to make a change – long overdue for weeks – to their season.

Changing the form in such an important and difficult game could be a risk. But the coach has shown that he has strong backs to take on certain responsibilities. The players join the staff of the Parmesan technician.

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