Milan, Pioli calls Piatek's goals: "It's growing, but Napoli from the championship"


The Milan ranking is worrying. The Rossoneri have to win against Napoli: "The moment is delicate and must be faced with absolute awareness," said Stefano Pioli at the conference.

Milan. «We start from the performance of Turin, we have certain values ​​and we can put them on the field. I don't know if it's easier to play against a strong team, Napoli is equipped to win the championship. We will have to be proactive and not passive against any opponent. The moment is delicate and must be faced with absolute awareness ".

Market. "Stops are more appealing to you than to us so you can talk about other topics. We are focused on the game, which is difficult and important ».

Piatek. «In the stop I had all the time necessary to review the game. I think Kris worked very well against Juventus, attacking the depth and working with the team. Its performance is growing and comes from an important goal with the national team. The more we can put balloons inside the area, the more we will favor its qualities ".Conti and Bonaventura. «The more players I have, the better. Competitiveness during training is important. Both are available to play tomorrow ».

Caldara. "He's better, but he's not ready to play with us yet. Tomorrow he will play with Primavera, hoping that he will be able to put rhythm in his legs and his head for the whole 90 minutes ». Last updated: 15:17 © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

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