Milan, listen to Suso: 'I could leave, I preferred to stay'. And to the fans: "Free to criticize, but trust me!" | First page


The criticisms do not stop Jesus Suso. The Spanish inflates his chest, and does so in an interview with Sportweek, on newsstands tomorrow. With regards to the recent criticisms, after some subdued performances, the Milan striker explained: "The fans have the right to whistle, because neither I nor the team are doing well. However, I don't think I have to prove anything. People know what I can do. If he criticizes me, it's because he expects me to do even more and he knows I can do it. If a footballer is not criticized it is because he does not expect anything from him ".'TRUST ME!' – With regards to his experience with the Rossoneri, however, the former Liverpool comments: "I really like staying at Milan. I could have gone away for two years in a row and I didn't. I stayed here because I wanted to. I cost zero: considering this, I think my performance at Milan was very good. To the fans I say: trust me".

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