Milan, Carabinieri smash network of scammers linked to the Contini clan. Here's how the scam worked


A business that could also yield 200 thousand euros per week, as explained by one of the suspects in a telephone interception. This is what emerged from the investigations into the system scams for the elderly which was headed by the Contini Camorra clan and on which the investigation started from Milan and then transferred by territorial jurisdiction to the Public Prosecutor's Office Naples, led by the prosecutor Giovanni Melillo. The survey, culminating today in 51 arrests, was born in 2015 following some complaints of scams suffered by elderly people, tricked by phone calls in which was represented the need to pay urgently to meet the expenses related to incidents, never happened, in which they were involved family.

That of scams to the elderly has turned out to be a real productive sector for the Camorra clan and not a sector in which only single unscrupulous fraudsters move. According to the investigators, for the Contini clan, arriving in the Vasto and Arenaccia districts of Naples and articulating the so-called Secondigliano Alliance, scams to the elderly had become "an endless money factory". The elderly were deprived of money but even, if cash were not immediately available, they were often also willing to forgo family jewels. In this sense, the investigating judge, accepting the request of the public prosecutor's office, also ordered the seizure of a jewelry store, located in Naples in Corso Garibaldi, which was used to re-enter the jewels that were collected with this mechanism. In the order, hundreds of scams have been reconstructed, many of which are consumed, others fortunately only attempted.


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