Migrants, the 5 Star Movement calibrates the data on landings and takes the merits of the League


Experts in the art of mystification, le falling stars they invest much of their time and their neurons (already meager) in attacking the leader of the League Matteo Salvini in order to discredit it acting in the eyes of the voters hoping in this way – pious illusion – to recover some consensus. THE five stars they ignore the fact that their vertiginous collapse is due exclusively to their political incapacity, which by now has become so obvious that they can no longer be denied by those who have placed exaggerated trust in the Movement founded by the comic Beppe Grillo and from the visionary Gianroberto Casaleggio, Prophet of the outbreak of the Third World War in 2020, little is left now. To protect the amateurs strenuously only Marco Travaglio remained, perhaps moved more by a feeling of pain than by a solid conviction regarding the quality of Luigi Di Maio & Co.

The grillini have chosen the strategy of the left to stay in power, that of thehate: instead of focusing on programs, proposals, actions, they aim to demolish and erode the adversary, painting it in the worst possible way. Tactics that do not pay, but sink. And here on the Blog of the Stars, Thursday, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Avellino Carlo Sibilia, the leading international expert on conspiracies and conspiracies hatched by the powerful against poor citizens, has published i «Real data», so he defines them, regarding the migration. «These are the numbers that deny the many lies told about the management of migrants. The data leaves no room for interpretation. We close 2019 with about 10 thousand entries, less than the middle of 2018. And, never forget, a significant reduction in deaths at sea ", he typed the chewy pentastellate.

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THE PROPAGANDA – «You can decide to believe in rumors, but the official data leave no room for controversy and lies. Propaganda, if compared to the data, vanishes », remarked the undersecretary, famous for having proposed in 2012 the demolition of monogamy in order to« give the possibility of contracting marriage (or civil unions) between different species, provided they consent ( sic). "

What most upsets *** is this cheeky way of taking people for a ride with the certainty that Italians are idiots and bites. Sibilia, well aware of proposing the data in a distorted and incomplete manner (although the current year has not yet ended), intends to demonstrate that the reduction in landings recorded in 2019 compared to 2018 is due to the M5S and not to Salvini, although to the Interior Ministry between January and the end of August the latter should have been installed. In short, Sibilia maintains that, since the government is composed of grillini and democrats, the decrease in arrivals is to be attributed to them, not to Matteo, whose ineptitude would be demonstrated by the fact that when he ruled in 2018 there were over 23 thousand landings.

THE COMPARISON – What Sibilia omits to explain is that just in the months of this year when Salvini was not in charge of the Interior ministry, ie September and October, as well as these first days of November, the illegal immigrants who arrived on our peninsula are more than tripled compared to the previous months in which the leader of the Northern League was in the government and also with respect to the same period of 2018. In short: in September 2018 947 migrants arrived, in September 2019 2.498; in October 2018 1.007, while in October 2019 2.017.

It is true that in 2018 we received more than 23,000 non-EU citizens, but 13,430 of them crossed our territory in the first 5 months of 2018, when Salvini was not in government. Furthermore, in 2017, almost 120 thousand arrived, in 2016 over 181 thousand. At the time when Salvini was appointed head of the Interior in 2018, the landings immediately fell sharply, from the first month: if in June 2017, 23,370 migrants arrived in June 2018 (with Matteo just settled) 3.147, in the same month of 2019 1.218.

In July 2017, 11,461 foreigners arrived, in July 2018 1,969, in July 2019 1,088. In August 2017 3,920, in August 2018 1,531, in August 2019 1,268. In September 2019, with the BisConte, this tendency to the thinning of the landings is reversed, and these literally explode, with a boom of 2,498 migrants received within 30 days. And now Sibilia wants to convince us, on the one hand, that the five men have lowered the landings; on the other, that Salvini's monster has favored its growth.
It's really too much.

by Azzurra Barbuto

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