Migrants, evacuated from Alan Kurdi babies and their mothers. On board still 77 people waiting for a port


Two babies of four and eight weeks with their mothers and another 18-month-old baby were urgently evacuated this morning from the Alan Kurdi ship of the German Sea Eye NGO that had rescued them yesterday along with 77 other people. One of the two babies, visited by the doctors on board, had not been drinking for 48 hours. Taken aboard by a Coast Guard patrol boat, they have now been taken to Lampedusa while the ship is left with another 77 people waiting for a port.He is another three-month-old baby with his three-year-old brother, aboard the Ocean Viking, which last night helped 60 people from an overcrowded wooden boat. These are hours of new departures from Libya. Several autonomous landings in Sicily.

A punt arrived on the beach of Torre Salsa, in Siculiana. Most of the people on board managed to lose their tracks by scattering around the area. A dozen has been traced near the reserve. The financial police, the carabinieri and the police are continuing to patrol the area in search of other migrants. Yesterday another 11 were blocked in Seccagrande, a seaside resort in Ribera. The Rov of the Coast Guard has identified the wreck that was carrying migrants, wrecked last Saturday at a mile from the island of the Rabbits of Lampedusa, but has also ascertained that there are corpses. It was not possible, due to poor visibility conditions at the bottom of the sea, to determine how many remains there are. The boat is about 40 meters deep.

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