Mertens-Piatek, at San Siro in scenail duel between saddlers


In some ways their paths chase and touch. Because Dries Mertens and Krzysztof Piatek have similar stories. They both came to success as a bomber from nothing. The Belgian discovered his inspired vein for the goal at an advanced age and a little by chance (after the ko of Milik), while the Pole arrived from nothing and in less than 6 months he took the scepter of the gunners of Serie A jumping at foot from Genoa to Milan. But not only.AFTER PIPITA
Mertens and Piatek, as if this were not enough, have inserted themselves more or less unconsciously in a riverbed that had already been traced by the same predecessor: Gonzalo Higuain. Mertens took the place of Pipita in the Napoli attack (the one that should have been in Milik), while Piatek became its natural successor after the Argentine's departure for Chelsea in the last market session in January. In short, destinies more or less crossed on a common trail. On one thing, however, they made different choices: the Belgian confirmed his 14 leaving vacant that number 9 which the Pole inherited at the beginning of this season and which is currently confirming the negative tradition that accompanies the wearer in rossonero (including Higuain).

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Speaking of similarities: Mertens and Piatek are experiencing a dark moment in front of goal, one of those phases that no attacker wishes to cross in his career. Because not being able to throw it inside is the darkest of the disasters that can happen to every striking bomber. Mertens is slightly ahead in terms of goals, because he scored 7 in the season, but only because at 11 league appearances he could add 4 more in the Champions League. Piatek is only at an altitude of 3, a decidedly ridiculous loot for the gunslinger who a year ago looked like a relentless killer from the penalty area. The period without a smile for both of them starts to become really pathological. To find the last goal in Dries' league, we need to go back to last September 29th, Napoli-Brescia: at the San Paolo there were the sun and the heat, a symptom that we talk about very old times compared to today. Of course, in the Champions League he went to the Salzburg field on October 23rd, but we talk about a long time ago. Krzysztof, on the other hand, has scored more recently than his colleague and opponent, but since the date of his last goal with the Milan shirt is dated October 20 (race at San Siro against Lecce), one can also speak of geological era of fasting .

Ancelotti on the one hand and the award-winning company Giampaolo-Pioli on the other hand they have tried and are trying them all to try to dry somehow the damp powders of their main gunners. But at the moment the results are not seen. Ancelotti used the medicine of the turnover to rest Mertens and make him find himself fresh and ready for the most important challenges of the season, while the two coaches who took turns on the Rossoneri bench tacked for a change of form (from the 2 points to the trident) to try to put Piatek more at ease. At the moment, however, both attackers have shown themselves immune to any kind of treatment and the challenge scheduled for Saturday afternoon can be the right time to give a sign of recovery.

Of course, the precedents don't help too much. Mertens, for example, can claim only one goal against Milan in the 7 previous matches. Goal achieved last year in August, moreover entering from the bench. Piatek, on the other hand, already has a better score against Napoli, because in the eighth of the Coppa Italia last year he was decisive with a double. Those, however, remained the only two seals against the blues of the Polish who remained dry in the league with both the Genoa and Milan jerseys. The only thing that can encourage Pioli is the goal scored by Piatek a week ago with Poland against Israel. A liberation also in a Rossoneri key. © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

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