"Mertens, Inter has the offer ready!"


The Belgian is the target of the Nerazzurri club

The riots of the last few days in Naples are obviously triggering unimaginable market scenarios until a few weeks ago. It is the case of Dries Mertens, who seemed determined to stay in Campania for several more years, but the environmental situation seems to have changed the scenarios. Even from Naples, in fact, they confirm Inter's strong interest in the Belgian striker: "The Nerazzurri have not knocked on the door of Napoli at the moment, this is little but sure, but the fact is that the Belgian has let Marotta and his staff know that he likes Milan and the Inter square.

The figures that Suning could put on the plate are around 25 million to be paid into the Naples funds and a three-year contract for the Belgian of at least 4.5 million per season: or something more than what the Azzurri offer for the extension of the contract. From here to January there is still some time, which on the one hand means time to mend the snag with Napoli, but it also means time to start a de facto negotiation with Inter. Yes, because today it is too early to talk about negotiations. In the mind of Mertens there is still the Napoli and reach important goals with the blue shirt, but the idea of ​​changing the air, also seen the moonlight of the last weeks, is not so remote, "writes Il Mattino.

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