Mertens has proposed to Inter, coldness from Appiano


Less than two months from the start of the January market, Inter is starting to move to please Conte with one eye but also next summer. If according to Corriere dello Sport the Mertens affair is more than well advanced, today's edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport explains how, from Appiano, there are many doubts about it.

Chaos at home Naples between players e De Laurentiis it is clear and it has complicated the negotiation for the renewal of Dries' contract Mertens, whose agreement with the Neapolitans expires in June 2020. The novelty relaunched by the Gazzetta dello Sport is quite sensational. According to Rosea, the Mertens slope would not be for the summer but for the immediate, for the January market:

"It really seems that the Belgian elf – a great friend of Lukaku – has winked at Inter, but at the moment finding a certain coldness on the parts of Appiano.

In agreement, Mertens will be released in June and maybe in January he can move at favorable costs, but in Naples he earns 4 million more bonuses and would like to improve his salary with the next contract.

And perhaps here the hesitancy of Inter is born: in 2020 Mertens will turn 33, is it worth such an expensive investment? On the technical qualities – and feeling with the goal – there is little to discuss, but now it is not enough to make Mertens a "Christmas" occasion ", analyze the Rosea.

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