Mertens, enigmatic gesture towards the fans. From Turin, headline: "Naples, what a tension"


Today, Napoli trained at the San Paolo stadium. The doors were open for subscribers. The climate was not for the best.

Napoli supporters challenged the team during open-door training at San Paolo, with choirs and whistles at the players' address. Dries Mertens, is still not clear with what intention, he applauded them. The Belgian striker's gesture, as reported, did not go unnoticed, in the unclear climate caused by the team that deserted the withdrawal imposed by the company. Confirmed retirement, starting tomorrow, ahead of Saturday's match against Genoa.

The Turin newspaper headline: "Naples, what a tension: the gesture of Mertens against the fans". Here is what we read inside the piece: "The tension at home in Naples has reached worrying levels for the team of Carlo Ancelotti. After refusing to retire after the draw in the Champions League against Salzburg, the Azzurri took to the field today for training with open doors, with the fans who criticized them harshly. As recounts, at the time of the choirs against the team, Dries Mertens turned against the fans and applauded ironically ".

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