Mercedes G-Class, the electric version of the off-road vehicle is available


Mercedes G-Class electric will be made: confirmation comes from Twitter (link in FONTE) with the resumption of a statement by CEO Daimler. Expensive, capable off-road and luxurious like never before, Classe G is one of those vehicles that has entered history and will write a new chapter with the electric version, the result of many discussions that have led to its rebirth from the risk of cancellation of the model in battery version.

There will be an EV Class G version. In the past we have discussed the deletion of this model; as I see things now, I say that the last Mercedes to be built will be a G

Needless to say that, with electrification, the price of a model for a few will go up considerably but there are already so many to be enthusiastic about this version, especially if we consider that for the extreme off-road enthusiast the couple of the electric is like cheese on macaroni, and this net of all the talk about the use of the G-Class in off-road by its owners addressed in our off-road test.

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