Mentana: "I'm ready to bet, here's where the Napoli will end the championship!"


Despite the deep crisis in Naples, Enrico Mentana still believes in the Azzurri and let himself go to a forecast.

The Naples, whistled, concedes the 0-0 to Genoa to St. Paul it is red from the standings, -12 from Inter, potential -13 from Juventus. And the risk of finishing eighth in a few hours. Just imagining it a couple of months ago would have been unthinkable. And, instead, despite the predictions of those who (like Antonio Conte) still consider the Azzurri superior to the same Inter, Carlo Ancelotti's team has collapsed. Even the usual problems against Genoa.

Midfield without a metronome, only Zielinski tries to make himself dangerous, but the ball ends up between the feet of Thiago Motta's rossoblus. Less technical, but deployed with role criteria and without forcing. So much so that in Genoa, in the end, it will perhaps remain the regret of not having believed in it to the end. In spite of everything, Enrico Mentana wrote a message on his Facebook profile: "And yet Napoli will end the championship in the Champions area, ready to bet ".

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