Meloni: "We must all protect Liliana Segre, but I do not change my mind about the lack of applause"


President Meloni, with the benefit of hindsight, did he not regret the abstention on the commission promoted by Liliana Segre, to whom an escort was also assigned a few days later?
"No, the conversation is different. What is happening does not depend on the vote on the commission. Senator Segre is not the first exponent of the Jewish community to which unfortunately an escort is assigned in Europe. And in most cases the problem concerns Islamic fundamentalism ".

This is not the case in Italy.
"In the fight against anti-Semitism, we at FdI are totally available and not from today. I first became the bearer of a unanimous pronouncement, collecting a proposal from Riccardo Pacifici of the Jewish community. And Senator Segre, for whom I have enormous respect, should be protected by the whole of Italian society, there are no divisions on this ".

The fact is that you did not vote for his commission and neither did you applaud her in the Chamber.
"There was a clear mystification of that missed applause. There the measure was applauded and certainly not Senator Segre, I also told her when we heard each other on the phone. The problem with that commission – which comes from far away and was previously called the Boldrini commission – is that it allows politicians to decide which words of hatred and which are not. And that doesn't make me feel calm. "

"Because to me, for example, some accuse you of spreading words of hatred. Is that so? I do not think so. I have clear ideas, of course, but I seem to expound them with respect for all. And then it seems possible that in that text, with regard to anti-Semitism, Israel was never cited? Do you know why? Because otherwise the radical left would not have voted for it. "

In Italy in this period the problem mainly concerns the extreme right.
"The problem of anti-Semitism is everywhere. In left-wing radicalism, in Islamic radicalism … ».

And in right-wing radicalism?
«Of course, there is a residue even in those environments. And it must be fought ".

When she was minister she was at the Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum. Do you have other gestures of this kind in mind?
"I have very peaceful relations with Jewish communities, I am also sorry to have to specify them in these days."

The mayors of FdI will participate in the demonstration of December 10 in support of Liliana Segre?
"If it is an open demonstration, no problem".

Changing topic. The remix "Io sono Giorgia" has had millions of views on the web. Shocked?
«Even my nieces danced him, we say that the thing got out of hand …».

After starting as a critic, the video then made it a pop character. Is there a meaning, in your opinion?
"It's a very special time for me. Suddenly it's as if the world had noticed the things I say. People who didn't listen to you do it today. If I end up in a remix – even if mounted to challenge my ideas – after all it means that I have something to say, no? "

Do you feel on the crest of a wave? Attention that had also happened to Salvini after the Papeete.
"I don't feel gratified by popularity, maybe because I'm basically a shy person. But above all because I know that more people believe in you and you have more responsibility on your shoulders ».

Now do your male allies take it into consideration?
"Well, meanwhile, Brothers of Italy is the second coalition party. And it is given growth. We have won the consideration ».

But did you personally have to work harder?
"Yup. It went exactly as the Ottawa mayor Charlotte Whitton said: "Women have to do anything twice as good as men to be half as good. Fortunately it is not difficult "".

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