Meloni to Liliana Segre: "We are at your side"


Brothers of Italy "is absolutely at the side" of Liliana Segre. This was assured by the party leader, Giorgia Meloni. When FdI president Giorgia Meloni was questioned on her arrival at the Eicma fair in Milan, she explained that in her day, which also includes participation in an initiative for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, "she is not scheduled" visit to the senator. "I have already heard from you – he added – I told you that Brothers of Italy is absolutely at your side in all that can still be done and that it should be done on the theme of the fight against anti-Semitism and above all Islamic fundamentalism. Clearly there is the support of the Brothers of Italy on this issue ". The senator for life as well as returning from the Nazi extermination camps, the target of 200 messages of racial hatred a day and for this reason forced to go escorted, yesterday had also met the leader of the League Matteo Salvini.

In recent days, both the Brothers of Italy and the league (in addition to the entire center-right) had voted against Senator Segre's proposal to set up a commission against hatred and anti-Semitism; the senators of those parties had also remained seated when the classroom had bestowed a "standing ovation" on Liliana Segre.

November 9, 2019 (modified November 9, 2019 | 12:46)


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