meeting? Inexistent. I received another bullet but I don't cry


Salvini: another bullet just arrived but I don't cry

Salvini back to the story Liliana Segre, met last night in Milan accompanied by her daughter: «Another bullet has just arrived for me. I do not cry. In a civilized country we should not risk neither I nor Segre », replies the former Interior Minister on his arrival at Eicma, responding to journalists who asked him if he or the senator for life was 'more at risk'.

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Liliana Segre, Meloni: "Fratelli di Italia is by her side"

Lega leader Matteo Salvini does not confirm yesterday's meeting in Milan with Segre. «I meet them as I tell them. The meetings that I do not communicate, as far as I am concerned, are not there ». "I will meet the Segre later. I ask. When will it happen? Soon, "he adds. To those who asked him what the themes he will face with Segre, Salvini replied: «I listen to listening, she is an extremely intelligent woman. I am young, I want to understand, to learn and to listen ». As for the presidency of the commission against hatred, the senator "will make her choices regardless of what Salvini suggests. I believe that she is an extremely intelligent woman so – concluded Salvini – she absolutely does not need my advice ».

The League, however, will take to the streets in support of Senator Liliana Segre in the Mayors' demonstration in Milan on December 10th: "When there is something democratic about the future we support it," said Salvini. "The debate between fascism and communism that is buried by the past does not excite me," he added.

Meanwhile, the news this morning is that vandals have smeared the Giardino dei Giusti with red paint, an amphitheater recently redeveloped in Milan and inaugurated in the presence of Liliana Segre.

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