MEDIASET – Naples, high tension after the storm: air of protest at the San Paolo. Insigne …


The technical question remains in the background at this complicated moment in Naples, awaited by fans dissatisfied today at the San Paolo.

After the insubordination at the end of the race with Salzburg, the controversy, the harsh reply of the company and the banners on the poison, the Naples back on the field. And for the band of Ancelotti it won't be an easy restart. Especially since the Azzurri will have to deal not only with the Genoa chasing points, but also with the fans. Al San Paolo – analyzes the drafting of Sportmediaset – there is an air of dispute and promises to be high voltage. Insigne & Co.'s decision not to retire as planned by the club has left its mark and a great test will be needed to wipe out shadows, long and critical faces.

All net even of some important absences. Against the Griffin, Ancelotti will not be able to count on Allan, Manolas is Ghoulam. But the technical question remains rather in the background at this complicated time in Naples. Now the environmental aspect is more important and the need to send a strong and clear signal to the fans and the president, decidedly annoyed by the attitude taken by the players after the draw in the Champions League. The impression is that the San Paolo has no intention of forgiving anything to the players, leaving the field the only possible replica.

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