Max Verstappen, already signed the contract with Mercedes? The pilot's response, earthquake in F1


Everyone shut up, talk Max Verstappen, the Red Bull ace, considered in unison the future of Formula 1 together with Charles Leclerc. Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, when asked if he is satisfied with this season that is coming to an end, he replies briefly: "I want the World Cup. I didn't win it, so the answer is no." Only one year remains for Verstappen to become the youngest champion in the history of Formula 1, but "you must be able to fight for the title: so far it has not happened, the Mercedes has been miles and miles ahead of us and even Ferrari has shadowed us, "he admits a little disconsolate." We will try again in 2020 – he resumes -: we are confident, but we have to change pace. It will be crucial to have a more powerful engine from Honda. "

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So, they ask him how strong the is rivalry with Leclerc. And the Dutchman minimizes: "It is no different from the one I have with other colleagues, even though I have known Charles for a longer time. He is a great talent, he has the formidable chance of Ferrari and I expect to fight for a long time with him. We are young and this is good for F1, "he points out. Then the drivers market, because in the circus it is said that Verstappen already has a contract with Mercedes to replace Hamilton from 2021. But there is also talk of a return of Sebastian Vettel in Red Bull. "Slippery question. I am happy where I am and I want to win with Red Bull: it is the team that allowed me to enter F1, there is a sense of loyalty to him ", he replies diplomatically. In short, perhaps those voices correspond to the truth .. .

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