Maurizio Costanzo Show, Giorgia Meloni: "I was the babysitter of Fiorello's daughter"


The leader of Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni she was a guest of Maurizio Costanzo Show and, during the interview, she spoke not only about politics but also about herself and her past, in particular the work she did when she was a young girl, before entering politics. The MP told once again that she had worked as a babysitter, in particular at the Fiorello house. But the fact that the youngest minister in Republican history was the nanny of the Sicilian showman's daughter is not a novelty: in fact, in the past, both Meloni and Fiorello had told this anecdote dating back to several years ago, when Meloni was 18 at the time he was in charge of Olivia, Rosario Fiorello's first child, who was 4 years old.

"We played with Lego, not with Barbies because I hate them. And then we watched the cartoons. Cinderella? Horrible, put the glass shoe on it! I hate pink, princesses and all that stuff there. Then there was Pocahontas, another uneducative story where the protagonist falls in love with the conqueror, while I am for the self-determination of the peoples, "said Giorgia Meloni in an old interview.


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