Matteo Salvini meets Liliana Segre in Milan


The meeting between Liliana Segre, historical memory of the Holocaust, and Matteo Salvini took place today in Milan. The TGR of Lombardy reported this. The leader of the League met the senator at the latter's home in the late afternoon: the face-to-face meeting was held in the utmost secrecy.

According to the leaked by the maximum reserve that surrounds the whole meeting – for obvious security reasons after the repeated threats that led the Prefect of Milan to assign a 'protection' to Segre – the senator and the political leader met around 5 pm Salvini would present himself with his daughter and no other representatives of the institutions would have been present.

The secretary of the League, in an interview with the Corriere della Sera, in the past few days he had expressed his willingness to meet the senator for life and had returned to the controversy over the center-right abstention in the Senate, during the vote for the establishment of a commission of inquiry into anti-Semitism, hatred and violence : "If we had limited ourselves to anti-Semitism, I would have had no problems," he said. I leave the ethical commissions to the Soviet Union ". But on the senator she had added: "But Liliana Segre is a person who deserves all my respect and I will ask her for a meeting as soon as possible".

Segre had replied to the former Interior Minister: "I will meet him, of course, why shouldn't I? If he wants to meet me why not? If I don't hate, why shouldn't I open the door? ".

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