Matteo Salvini, Anpi: "Dangerous, don't come to the fair". The reply: "I go where I want"


Very high voltage between the Anpi e Matteo Salvini. Yes, because the association of partisans is not a pleasure – euphemism – the fact that the leader of the League intends to go to Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna next Sunday, the occasion is a fair, to meet the voters. The context is that of the inflamed electoral campaign in Emilia Romagna, where the candidate is Lucia Borgonzoni.

L'Anpi, with the president of the Rimini section Giusi Del Vecchio, asked Salvini to ban the square for the feast of San Martino: "Salvini's announcement, of wanting to cross the square at the highlight of the party together with the presidential candidate for the region it worries us a little, were it not for the confusion of those days not compatible with the walk of personalities who go around with the escort and for the inevitable freaks of admirers and not that could be created, "said Delvecchio.

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And again, the ANPI exponent added: "As a national association of Italian partisans we would like to make an appeal to his sense of security that so much has infused in our minds in this period – has beaten hard -: how is it possible to reconcile the crush of the people that transit under the horns of the Arco clementino with the walk of an honorable escorted by the police, who triggers whirlwinds of crowd as he passes? Wouldn't it be more useful if the moment of political catwalk took place in a climate of greater security for you and those around you? ". A discrete delirium, all ideological: Salvini should not go to the festival because, in fact, dangerous.

A very narrow turn of the mail, here comes Salvini's reply to the attack directly from Anpi: "Sunday I will be in Romagna, I saw that ANPI does not like my presence, but we are in a democracy and therefore if Salvini believes that going to the San Martino fair in Santarcangelo di Romagna is his right, like any other citizen, if we are in a democracy ".

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