Matteo Salvini accuses the Democratic Party for the case of Antonio Cianci, a killer of agents who stabbed him on a permit


A premium permit for ergastolano Antonio Cianci, today 60 years old, who in 1979 killed three carabinieri who had stopped him at a checkpoint on a stolen car. A "tipino" who at 15 had already killed a metronotta in Segrate. The carabinieri were shot to death. In short, one who has already claimed four victims. And to which, however, it was granted a premium permit. Result? He stabbed a 79-year-old man, all in the underground parking lot of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. The victim, hit in the throat, is in serious condition but not life threatening. An absurd affair, on which the fiery commentary of Matteo Salvini: "Other than registering the Forces of the Order as requested by the Democratic Party. In Italy we need rules, respect and certainty of punishment. And no prizes to ruthless killers, especially if they killed women or men in uniform ", concludes the leader of the League. But Italy, as we know, is the country where everything is possible. The country where you can have a" prize permit "after killing four people, including three carabinieri.

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