Matteo Renzi evicted Giuseppe Conte and blackmailed the Democratic Party: "If they want to return to the vote, each one for himself"


"A suicide back to the vote". Matteo Renzi, interviewed by Republic, grazes the sublime (or breaks through the wall of ridicule, depending on the points of view ", inviting the Pd to "think of it", and reminding him, he just author a couple of months ago of the split of Italy Viva, that "everything is lost from separated".

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The refrain of the former premier, now leader of IV, is the usual: "The legislature must arrive in 2023 and without new taxes or it will be undone in Regions and colleges". But then he doesn't miss the chance to evict Giuseppe Conte: "Today we help him, there is no certainty of tomorrow". What would be a joke hides Renzi's bellicose intentions: to take out the premier, at the first useful opportunity, when the lawyer will no longer be able to play the massacre of the so-called" allies ".

The thesis of the Rignano man is rather suggestive. Not a day goes by without massacring the government, Conte, the maneuver. But then he accuses the Democratic Party: "If you want to vote, say so. If the PD parliamentarians have decided to go against the wall, they have a duty to communicate it to the country and reveal it to the House. For me it is madness, mass suicide". In fact, he admits that the only plausible reason to keep the government and the majority alive is "vote in 2023, at natural expiry, after having elected the new President of the Republic". The rest (" Lowering the cost of interest to 50 billion, they were 77 billion a year when I arrived at Palazzo Chigi, to engrave in Europe, to build the alternative to non-euro sovereignty ") seem only promises to the wind. But, remember again, "if someone thinks of doing as in Umbria anticipating the elections, go ahead: with this choice you lose all the uninominal districts and cause sound defeats in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany is Lazio. I don't know what name to give to this political hypothesis: in psychology it is called masochism". And in the case of early polls, it is the threat," everyone will go his own way ".

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