Matteo Renzi and the arrivals from Forza Italia to Italia Viva. Rossi in Tagada: "He miscalculated"


"He miscalculated." Enrico Rossi launches a left warning a Matteo Renzi. The governor of Tuscany and the former premier have never gone out of love and agreement, so much so that Rossi came out polemically from the Pd for contrasts with the leader, "man alone in command". The renzismo disappeared, with Nicola Zingaretti Secretary Rossi is back among the dems and now, after Renzi's split, he can go back to hitting him hard.

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Guest of Tiziana Panella to Tagada, on La7, the governor judges Renzi and the grillino Luigi Di Maio united by the "need to condition, to be a worry for the government". Creating disturbance, explains Rossi, to have visibility and at the same time maximize criticism at the electoral level a Giuseppe Conte. But Renzi is also playing another game, that of Italia Viva's growth. And here from Rossi the icy shower arrives: "Renzi has the wrong accounts, from Forza Italia nobody will arrive to Italia Viva". Perhaps from the Nazarene they made some phone calls, we imagine very worried, in Arcore.

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