Mattarella: "The escort to Liliana Segre is a sign that hatred and intolerance are concrete"


"If someone comes in a." bus telling a seven-year-old girl "don't sit next to me because you have different colored skin"; if it is necessary "assign one buffer stock "To a lady elderly that he never hurt anyone, but that evil suffered him as a child like Liliana Segre, means "that questions relating to the differences betweenindifference, solidarity, Help mutual "on one side and"intolerance is contraposition" on the other they are not "rhetorical and abstract but extremely concrete alternatives". Sergio Mattarella remember the case of the child of Alexandria (under) and the assignment of the escort to the senator who survived Auschwitz in her speech at the inauguration ceremony of the academic year of Biomedical Campus in Rome. An intervention, his, centered on antiracism is respect. "The world changes, as it has always changed, deeply," he added Mattarella – but in all these change, in all these changes so fast there is something that remains constant: it is the human condition, the values ​​of coexistence, of the solidarity, of the sense of responsibility ".

Mattarella has taken up a consideration contained in Professor's lecture Massimo Inguscio: "Who can imagine, who can understand what the world of the future will be like? The answer is illuminating, ask yours children. I believe that answers of children, for those who can listen to them, interpret them, they are there for all to see: try to have one peaceful life and therefore a serene cohabitation, a serene way of being together against the selfish closure and the egoistic entrenchment, that of having a sense of responsibility against indifference and irresponsibility ”.
"THE children perceive when there is in adults sense of responsibility and not indifference. They still ask, for those who know how to understand them, and it is easy to understand the children, solidarity, mutual help against intolerance, hatred, the contraposition. They are not rhetorical but extremely concrete alternatives. THE children demonstrate with these emphases, with these needs, with these guidelines that provide, which are not dreams. In the last New Year I allowed myself to say that we must not confine dreams to the age of childhood, they are not dreams, they are indications of behavior".

The case of AlexandriaVittoria Oneto, city councilor Pd, in a post entitled "Alabama 1955? No, Alessandria 2019 "reported a racist incident that she witnessed on Wednesday on a bus. The protagonist is a girl of seven years of color, whom a sixty-year-old woman did not want to sit next to her. "I say to the woman to move the bag and seat the child but she insists and tells me so arrogant to mind my own business – he says -. There mother of the child says nothing and looks at the ground. I raise my voice more and more and intimate in a bad way to make the seat immediately child and to be ashamed with all the breath in my throat. The lady then seats her, but continues to mumble and look disgusted at the child. In your opinion, what was the color of that skin? child? Yes, that's right ", continues the city councilor, who got off the bus and cried" for the nervous, for the sadness for the sense of defeat I've tried and I try. As if these days weren't already painful", He says referring to the three firefighters who died in the explosion of one farmhouse. "Is this what we are? Is this what we want to be? I do not I want to believe that".


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