Masia poll, after the Ilva the Five Stars collapse: the terrifying figure punishes Di Maio


The League grows incessantly. The latest polls of Fabrizio Masia for Agora reward the party of Matteo Salvini with a 34.2 percent, exactly 1.2 percentage points more than last week. Following closely the increasing trend is Giorgia Meloni which sees Brothers of Italy at 10 percent. A surprising result that goes hand in hand with the personal satisfaction of the leader herself and that leaves the 9 threshold behind percent (a week ago the party was at 9.4 percent). Same fate it is up to Matteo Renzi. In fact, Italia Viva gets +0.2 percent, which allows the former prime minister to reach 4.9 percent.

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It will not be a coincidence that the two major forces in the government – according to the numbers presented by the director of Emg Acqua – are diving. The beating comes precisely from the clash with ArcelorMittal on the former Ilva. Once again the Five Stars proved incapable of managing the situation and so the Italians they repaid them with 16 percent. An impressive figure that sees half a percentage point lost in the last few days. It is no better for the Democratic Party that manages to marginalize the decline by losing -0.3 percent and obtaining 19 percent. Down, even if it is not part of the executive, Forza Italia. The party of Silvio Berlusconi outlines a fluctuating trend: this time, however, the Blues do not grow, but go from 7.4 to 7.2 percent.

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