Marolda: "Bufera Napoli: I have a question to ask, the most important. I hope that the club …"


The well-known journalist has commented on the moment of Naples on Radio Kiss Kiss: "The season just started, we need a solution".

Francesco Marolda, historical signature of the Morning he was born in Corriere dello Sport, expressed his thoughts about the mutiny and its consequences in the microphone of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli: "It is a very delicate moment for the whole environment and for this reason I begin the discussion with a question, which is the most important: now how do we get out of this situation? I remind everyone that this season has just begun and the end is really far away to start from scratch ".

Then Marolda added: "There are still a Champions League in progress (Napoli is close to qualifying for the second round, ed), an all-Italian Cup to play and a championship in which you have to reach at least fourth place to return to the Champions League again. I hope that Napoli, or the club, will find a solution, even a forced one, but that an order of things will be re-established to restart well and to achieve all the objectives that remain between the present and the immediate future. We need balance and respect ".

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