Mario Cipollini tells his drama: "I risked dying"


The post career of Mario Cipollini is enriched by another mishap. Indeed, of a real drama, fortunately only touched on, but which showed death in the face of the popular former Tuscan sprinter, multi-winner of stages at the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France.

It was the athlete himself who revealed everything in an interview with 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', revealing that he was suffering from myocarditis, diagnosis arrived after a hospitalization in Ancona in which Mario was subjected to an ablation and five biopsies.

"The problem is much more serious than anyone could have thought. Yes, Mario risked dying. But he, we don't know if in two, three months or how much, the first one will come back ”said Roberto Corsetti, the doctor known to Liquigas and become Mario's friend.

"I have a lymphocytic myocarditis – said the 2002 world champion in Zolder – Serious illness, which causes 20% of instant deaths at a young age. No joke and can lead to extreme consequences. The mother of a dear friend died from the after-effects of this disease. Doctors have discovered that mine is due to a virus. There is no cure, only total rest. I fill the days by reading. Study, m'informo. I'm fine, but I feel a bit apathetic: I hope that in January they will "free" me. I'm on a diet: nothing, or very few, carbohydrates ".

Cipollini then revealed how important friendship with Corsetti is to get out of the nightmare: "It's all strange, because as an athlete you think you're healthy, strong, perfect. Instead it is not so. I realized something was wrong because when I climbed 500 watts I felt like a limiter. I am lucky because I have a great friend and a great professional like Corsetti. It's almost maniacal to look for the problem and find the solution. I also thought about people who do not live a reality like mine. And also to the fact that in my career I have exasperated the heart in a devastating way and now I find out that I have genetic problems that have limited me ".

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