Mario Balotelli, we are in the human drama. "Mother says no": in January, an extreme hypothesis


On the brink of a human crisis, again. Mario Balotelli is about to divorce from Brescia and his mother will try to save him again. First the case of the racist buu to the Bentegodi, then the accusations of his own curve, the performance in the field that does not take off, the technical crisis of the swallows and, lastly, the president's disconcerting words Cellino ("Fraintese", he says) up Super Mario which "is black and is trying to turn white". This way also the "last chance" of a 29-year-old player slips away, but due to changed team numbers and disappointments ringed from 2013 to today (with the exception of the first season at Nice) shows 40.

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We are almost at the freak show, an old glory called by some club in difficulty to create hype rather than to revive the fortunes of one's own. Last entry: he wants it in January on Galatasaray, thanks to the good offices of the prosecutor-King Midas Mino Raiola. Leave home, the real one, the one where he grew up. And try your luck in Turkey, in a minor kick and in a decidedly more boiling and less conciliatory environment. Another hazard. There is also the track that leads to Brazil, to Flamengo fresh Libertadores champion. But mother Silvia, writes Corriere della Sera, would like the big refusal: "After years traveling the world, every day her child is having lunch with her. She cried of joy, when they told her that Mario would return home ".

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