Mario Balotelli, Raffaella Fico in tears at Italian Stories. Clash with Anna Falchi: "But what does it mean?"


"There is a video in which the group of supporters makes the sound of the monkey. I was there with the child, I saw it after the game and it was shaken, nervous and sorry. It is not the first time that happens, being told certain things ago bad, "said Raffaella Fico at Storie Italiane. The showgirl commented live on Rai1 the episode of racism against his former partner Mario Balotelli which took place last Sunday during Verona-Brescia at the Bentegodi stadium.

"My daughter was watching Verona-Brescia on TV does three times the worst," the attacker had commented warmly. "We were watching the game, luckily Pia only saw the first half. Better this way, even if she saw her dad's interview on TV and tried to console him", added Fico in the episode aired on November 7th. The former of the footballer, with whom he gave birth to little Pia, then revealed that he had been a victim together with his daughter of racist incidents: "When we were still together, seven eight years ago, while I was doing disco nights they welcomed me doing the verse of the monkey because I was his partner.An ugly episode also happened to my daughter Pia, she went to kindergarten and a little girl said to her 'you are a negra of me ** to, bring the infections, we cannot play together and I can't give you my hand. "These are things that hurt, I had to answer to my daughter who asked me what black meant. It is sad to have to explain to a five-year-old girl that these things still happen in 2019. It is ignorance "explained to Eleonora Daniele.

"Even talking about it too much hurts, it becomes a trend. The more we talk about it and worse it is, we need to get the institutions to act", says Anna Falchi in the studio to whom the Fico replies in tone: "We need to talk about it. The problem must be faced and solved. Every human being accumulates and accumulates but eventually explodes ”. The blonde showgirl insists: “Balotelli is not an example of a soccer player and besides he is not even nice. I attend the stadiums I know that these things often happen, I think instead the acts of bullying towards the child ".

The hostess intervenes by braking Falchi: "What does it mean that Mario Balotelli is not so nice? We are not looking for constructions ”. The Fico adds: "You say that Mario doesn't like you, but this is just your judgment. What does it has to do with it?".

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