Mario Balotelli, Massimo Cellino of Brescia: "He is black, he works to clear but …", the president slipped


A sentence destined to raise a fuss and a flood of controversy. It is still about Mario Balotelli, the striker on course with Brescia and ended up in the stands in the last round of the championship. But for once the sentence is not his, but the president of the club, Massimo Cellino, who interpreted the matter on the sidelines of the assembly in the Lega Calcio, said: "What should I tell you about him? He's black, but he's working to clear himself and has many difficulties. "And again:" Mario perhaps gives more weight to social media than to his sports values. I didn't take it for subscriptions. Is becoming a point of weakness for over-exposure ". But the controversy, of course, is due to that" is black, but is working to clear ". Obviously the reference to the fact that it is black for the mood, but the gloss on the" job to clear ", it must be said, it is really unhappy.

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But anyhow, Cellino always added referring to Balotelli: "In football there are teams that fight and win, if we think that a player alone can win the games, we would offend football and the team – he thundered -. Otherwise, we would play one against eleven. " Fabio Grosso: "He made a mistake in the press conference to talk about him and not the team – he continued -. We need to talk about it as little as possible and turn off these social networks. They are the beast of 2000", concluded Cellino.

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