Maria Elena Boschi, the background: irritation for Renzi's political courtship at Carfagna


There are no doubts: Matteo Renzi he set his sights, politically speaking, on Mara Carfagna. Attempts to bring it to Italy Viva are continuous. On Saturday she responded by talking about possible convergences – which were denied by return of post – only in the event that the former wrecker pulled the plug to the current left-wing government. And to this story, Daily fact dedicates a background in which he gives an account of the words of Renzi, who would have said to his friends: "I asked him two days ago to Mara to come with us. For now, I am not convinced". But not only that. In the same background, another factor is also given, namely the alleged irritation of Maria Elena Boschi for the "political courtship" of Renzi to Carfagna. The point is that the parent company at the Camera di Italia Viva is not at all enthusiastic about the idea of ​​welcoming Carfagna into the party, fearing that its figure could overshadow it.

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