Mara Carfagna, the message to Silvio Berlusconi behind the half-open to Matteo Renzi


Don't you name me vice president of Forza Italia? And I wink at Renzi. This also happens in the party of Silvio Berlusconi. It is due to Mara Carfagna: a past as a good minister for Equal Opportunities, a restless present and a future that could see it everywhere: from the re-embrace with Giovanni Toti, which is like Matteo Salvini's lieutenant, to boarding the "vessel" slender and light "where the senator of Rignano wants to load the lost souls of the opposition, without excluding a suffered permanence among the blues. Ennio Flaiano would have liked it, one like this: "A few ideas, but very confused".

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The blinking took place yesterday for all to see, but the prologue is from the night before and few have seen it. For Arcore, the national coordination of Forza Italia meets on Friday afternoon. Together with the Knight there are the group leaders in parliament Anna Maria Bernini and Mariastella Gelmini, the person in charge of the regional coordinators Sestino Giacomoni and the number two of the party, Antonio Tajani. They discuss organization for three hours and decide to offer Carfagna the candidacy for governor of Campania, where the vote is scheduled between May and June. Proposal that is also an olive branch: Berlusconi has badly endured the countermelody that his former protege did to him in the last year and was furious when she, after the Senate vote on the Segre case, said that her "Forza Italia" would never have abstained in a vote on anti-Semitism. Vincenzo De Luca, outgoing president, is a tough guy, but the chances of winning are high: in the European Championships in May the sum of the votes of Lega, Forza Italia and Fdi was close to 40%, and «Mara» is considered by many a value added.

For sure, she behaves as such. He shows up at Berlusconi's villa when the summit of the others is finished, accompanied by the ex-deputy Finiano Alessandro Ruben, for what should have been the "clarification dinner".

But the conversation at the table only serves to increase distances. Carfagna feels the stink of a trap and rejects the proposal to stand in Campania, even if it avoids doing so with final tones (they will talk about it again). But she asks for herself the role of vice president of Forza Italia, which would make her equal as Tajani. Request before which Berlusconi bursts out: no, dear Mara, the conditions are lacking and there is no reason to do such a thing. This brings us to the exchange of appreciation with the other. Staged yesterday morning in Milan, at the Festival de Linkiesta, an online magazine that dreams of "an 'alliance against the turds' (sic), that is the usual sovranisti, of which Carfagna and Matteo Renzi, invited to the kermesse, should be the pillars ( wishes). She welcomes the attention: "If Renzi declared that he no longer wanted to support the leftist government, but had other ambitions", he said to the public, "Forza Italia Viva could be a suggestion". An accrocco between the two parties, in the belief that three plus two can do six and not four, as is usually the case in politics. He reiterates what he has already said many times: "What angers me is psychological subjection to sovereignty". And he says he is not the only one to meditate on the tear: "I don't know what will happen in the coming days, but many today do not feel at ease in Forza Italia, they feel at home with others".

In the afternoon it will be better explained, will ensure that "my political field is and will remain the center-right, between my journey and that of Matteo Renzi there can be no overlapping". But now the omelette is done, also because the contacts between the two are open for a long time, the same former mayor has never made it a mystery in his private conversations. Salvini and Giorgia Meloni invite her not to combine nonsense and Renzi takes the opportunity to throw the net into the blue pool: «Doors open to those who want to come not as a guest, but as a manager.

It is valid for Mara Carfagna and the others of her party ». For him the flirtation is all publicity: "Very serious Parliamentarians of Forza Italia are reflecting on what to do and I hope that as early as the next few days they can consider joining the Italia Viva groups".

Berlusconi's response is a very clear warning to Carfagna and all the others: those who say goodbye now to Forza Italia are crazy, because they abandon the deployment destined to win the next political elections, which will soon be held at this rate. An appeal to the interests, not to the loyalty of his. To which, evidently, he too hardly believes. The harshest comment, however, is for his former minister: "Dinner was useless, at this point Mara decides what to do".

by Fausto Carioti

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