Maneuver, here are the measures of the Government to favor (a little) employment


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The Government bets everything on cutting the cost of labor for employees, without intervening on those without jobs and on the "jungle" of existing incentives

by Enzo De Fusco and Claudio Tucci

Maneuvers in agriculture focuses on young people and women

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It had to be the container of a strategy to revive the labor market, which has been braking for three months now. Instead, the maneuver transmitted to the Chambers, the first of the yellow-red Government, to the chapter "occupation" remains empty, or almost. At the moment, the main challenge of the Conte 2 executive is the cut to the tax wedge, all for the benefit of employees. And that is of those who already have an occupation.

Wedge cut
In the estimates of the Ministry of the Economy a fund is established dedicated to the reduction of the cost of labor, with a dowry, for 2020, of 3 billion, which rises to 5 starting from 2021. The details of the operation will travel in a subsequent provision, connected.

To date the prevailing hypothesis in the study of Labor and Mef technicians is one reformulation of the 80 euros introduced in 2015 that would become tax deductions reaching even 4.5 million workers with incomes between € 26,600 and € 35,000, so far excluded from the Renzi bonus. Each would have, on average, up to € 50 more per month.

While for the 9.4 million workers with incomes from 8,200 euros to 26,600 euros, which already now receive 80 euros, the advantage, remodulating the measure, would be smaller. In 2020 the wedge cut should start from the month of July. From 2021, given the increase in resources, from January.

Discounted assumptions
At the same time, the draft maneuver better coordinates the three-year decontribution rules for stable recruitment of young people, through a corrective intervention both of the dignity decree and of the 2018 maneuver. Clarifying, once and for all, that the incentive concerns the assumptions for the first time indefinitely, under 35, also this year and in 2020, as required by law 205/2017. The exemption has a maximum duration of 36 months and is equal to 50% of the contribution paid by the employer, up to a maximum of 3 thousand euros per year.

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