Maneuver and home: the facades bonus and other benefits


Maneuver and home: the facades bonus and other benefits

In the maneuver a superbonus of 90% for interventions on the facades

Maneuver and home: the facades bonus

and other benefits

Deduction of 90% for interventions on the decoration of buildings, the facilities for renovations and furniture remain, those for greenery disappear

Home: here are all the benefits provided by the maneuver approved by the government and now awaited by the parliament. The 90% extra-large fiscal bonus for interventions on the building decoration concerns all buildings, condominiums and small villas, for which it will be possible to take advantage of the tax discount even if the exterior is repainted without changing the original color. An additional benefit that is added to the other deductions on the house all confirmed, including mobile bonuses. Not so, however, for the green bonus, of which there is no trace in the law, and therefore seems destined to expire at the end of the year. Here are all the indications on the subject.

Facade bonus

The facades bonus is a specific deduction for which a maximum amount of expenditure is not foreseen nor are there restrictions on the interventions that can be facilitated, as long as they concern the entire facade of the building. On this there can be no doubt as the text specifies that it must be "interventions, including ordinary maintenance, aimed at recovering or restoring the facade of buildings". On the other hand, the declared goal of the government is to improve the aesthetic aspect of the city, in the center but also in the suburbs. And precisely for this reason the facilitation is expressly recognized also for ordinary maintenance interventions, a clarification that opens up the possibility of having the bonus even when repainting one's own house of the same color, an intervention this, which otherwise is not facilitated since the Home bonus is reserved for extraordinary maintenance.


For these latter interventions the rates and the current rules are also confirmed for 2020. There is also a maximum ceiling of € 96,000 for work on individual buildings, and the possibility of obtaining even higher deductions for seismabonus and interventions that add to energy saving to building consolidation. Also for the ecobonus for the next year there are no news. Therefore the rates differentiated at 50% and 65% remain, depending on the type of plant that is purchased, and the different expense ceilings ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 euros for those who upgrade the entire building.

Bonus furniture and appliances

Those who have restructured in 2019 or are planning interventions of this type in 2020 will be able to continue to count on the possibility of buying furniture, appliances and other furnishings with a tax discount of 50%. The expiry of the facilitation, in fact, has been moved forward by 12 months, without other surprises.

Green bonus

In the bill, instead, there is no trace of the renewal of the 36% deduction for the renovation of the green areas. Those who plan to rearrange the garden, install a new irrigation system or build a pergola will have to plan the expenses for the last two months if they want, to be certain of being able to take advantage of the deduction.


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