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On 7 November 2019 the obligation for anti-abandonment seats for children under four years of age was taken and there was immediately a choir to request a moratorium on the application of sanctions. The costs of the new car devices are high and the incentives have not yet started. For this reason, consumer associations and family organizations are asked to postpone the part of the law that provides for fines. The minister Paola De Micheli assures that she is ready to intervene to postpone the application of sanctions.

Anti-abandon seat: what you need to know

For De Micheli the law on the obligation to install anti-abandonment devices is "sacrosanct and civilized". The minister also explains that it will soon be possible to obtain a refund of 30 euros for the expenses incurred. "I find it shameful – he adds – to exploit the lives of our children for political ends. This law should only be a conquest for everyone and not a cause for controversy". Then he reassured: "The sanctions are provided for by law 117, voted unanimously by the Italian Parliament, and come into force by law together with the obligation. To give more time to adapt to the obligation another law intervention is necessary, then we are studying in which decree to insert the amendment that could be of the government or the majority, so that both the Democratic Party and other parties said they were willing to postpone the entry into force of the sanctions. "

De Micheli explained that "nothing was anticipated, we simply followed what the law said" as "the law provided for 120 days from the decree and in any case not later than the first of July". "In early September, when I became a minister, a tragedy occurred in Catania, where a child died, and it became clear that the delay with which that decree was coming out could not be afforded. So we accelerated as much as possible – continue De Micheli – The mandatory date was the first of July, considering the work done in these days, in the published decree we gave the deadline of November 7. So the deadline of November 7 was not anticipated but it was already in the implementing decree ".

Anti-abandon seats, De Micheli: "Bonus 30 euros to help families"

The Family Forum was asked to "freeze" the sanctions, an association close to the CEI that deals with the family. A stop "at least until clear provisions are issued on the provision of the state contribution for those who will have to purchase adapters or new seats. We also trust in the Government's commitment to adequately inform families, enabling them to provide and avoid sanctions, "said vice president Emma Ciccarelli.

The League was attacked by the government on the entry into force of the provision: "It is shameful that this incapable government has managed to create yet another chaos even on a delicate issue such as that of anti-abandonment devices for children in cars ", some Members pointed out. The position of Giorgia Meloni of Fratelli d'Italia is also hard: "It is a pity that so far there has been no information campaign, the tax decree has finally provided a contribution for the purchase but we do not know how to access it, the manufacturing companies to a large extent they are not ready with the necessary quantity, the shops that have them do not sell them because they do not have certainty about their conformity. It is yet another mess ".

ACI recalls that the measure will concern 1.8 million children: only 250 thousand seats will be available for sale on the market from here until Christmas. "With a bit of extra sense, it would have been better to trigger the obligation on the date scheduled at the time, March 6, 2020, to give everyone (producers, sellers and users) the means to equip themselves adequately," says Geronimo La Russa, president of the Automobile Club of Milan.

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