Malinovskyi, who flops at the Fantasy Football! Zero bonuses, increase the penalties


Those who took it at a bargain price at the auctions in August and September gloated, sniffing a possible five-star deal. After twelve days, however, the disappointment is scorching. We are talking about Ruslan Malinovskyi, only potential jewel of the midfield ofAtalanta that in the league (and Fantacalcio) is having a decidedly subdued performance.

Malinovskyi at Fantasy Football, numbers and fantasy media

Goals between the National and the Champions League, total darkness in the league. Yesterday, on the field of Sampdoria, had the chance to unlock in this sense by taking advantage of the disqualification of Ilicic. And instead, as an attacking midfielder, not only did he preserve his unenviable zero bonus bonus booty, but he also remedied an expulsion (after the two yellow cards already in the assets). A red that has further reduced the fanta-media up to the current 5.75. Will there be a positive turn sooner or later?

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